Chuck and Mark’s Wild Adventures

Sorry we went MIA, we've been staying local


The Long River

In China, the Yangtze River is known as Chang Jiang or Long River. The next part of our China trip was a very mixed bag. We embarked on a three day Yangtze River cruise from Chongqing to Yichang. This was our first river boat cruise, having only cruised on much larger ships in the Caribbean … Continue reading The Long River

Snacks In China

Ya, because we didn't eat enough already... along the way we tried or saw great snack foods that were too interesting to pass up. On our trip from Beijing to Xi'an, we had a relatively short flight and just got snack boxes. Included in the box was a bag of crispy apple chips, a slice … Continue reading Snacks In China

The Truth About Truck Stops

Ok, ok, I can hear several friends laughing already. We traveled several hours in a bus heading from Chengdu to Chongqing with a few stops along the way. When we entered the highway our driver had to stop at a checkpoint, get out of the bus and sign in. Apparently, truck drivers in China can't … Continue reading The Truth About Truck Stops

Not Yo Mama’s HoJo

Yes, I admit it, we're both of the age where we remember the big orange roofs. I vaguely remember milkshakes and floats but not more than that. I went to college in Hyde Park New York in 1981 and remember seeing one up the road from the school. I think my parents stayed there when … Continue reading Not Yo Mama’s HoJo

Sichuan Hot Pot

The name should have been enough... We REALLY like spicy food, we have a jar of Sichuan peppers in oil in the refrigerator at home, we ate our way through Thailand... but this took us to a new level. We arrived in Chengdu by the new high-speed bullet train, it just opened a few months … Continue reading Sichuan Hot Pot

Western Food Gone Wrong

One of the ONLY things we didn't really enjoy out of the entire trip was a stop for lunch on the way to see the Xi'an Terracotta Warriors. Most of our meals had been served family style and were Chinese food. This is was actually at a beautiful 5 Star hotel with immaculate western style … Continue reading Western Food Gone Wrong

Huanglongxi Village

After our visit to the Leshan Stone Buddha we stopped at this village on our way to Chengdu. It is an historic village dating back 1700 years. The village has been restored to its original charm but most of the original buildings have been turned into stores for souvenirs or food. We really enjoyed experiencing … Continue reading Huanglongxi Village

Lost Plate Food Tour: Xi’an

This is an absolute MUST DO when visiting China. Several years ago when we were visiting Amsterdam we did another food tour and now look for them everywhere we travel. I found Lost Plate Food Tours online and literally stalked them on Instagram, Facebook, their website and YouTube! The owner is from Chengdu and they … Continue reading Lost Plate Food Tour: Xi’an

Dumpling Girls

Xi'an is known for its amazing dumplings, and it's Dumplings Girls. During the Tang Dynasty beautiful women were curvy and voluptuous and their civilization was prosperous. The images of these dumpling girls are everywhere. Even as a modern day marketing symbol. On our first night in Xi'an we enjoyed the optional Dumpling Dinner. We looked … Continue reading Dumpling Girls