Leshan Stone Buddha

Thought I would share an observation about China before talking about this excursion. Our tour guide mentioned that in China, they handle plurals of words differently than we do. For example, we say 2 apples, the Chinese say 2 apple. The number 2 implies plural, so adding the "S" is redundant. May explain why Chinese … Continue reading Leshan Stone Buddha


Shaanxi, Terracotta Warriors

After a very busy morning and another Over Abundance of food at lunch, we headed out to the Lintong District of Shaanxi China. The warriors were buried with the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Quang in 210 - 209 BC and were buried with him to protect him in the afterlife. They were discovered … Continue reading Shaanxi, Terracotta Warriors

Xi’an, Small Wild Goose Pagoda

The Buddhist pagoda was built between 649 and 683 for the Emperor Gaozong during the Tang Dynasty and stood 177ft tall. Empress Wu Zetian had the pagoda rebuilt and added 5 new stories by 704. In 1556 it was damaged by an earthquake and 3 stories were lost. It has not been rebuilt since then. … Continue reading Xi’an, Small Wild Goose Pagoda

Xi’an, Xingqing Park

Before going any further, I would be remiss in not talking about the driving in Beijing and Xi'an. We think drivers in the US are crazy, here there seem to be no rules. Staying in your lane does not happen, they literally drive right on top of each other. Crossing the street you have to … Continue reading Xi’an, Xingqing Park

Day 2: Beijing, Summer Palace

After a very busy morning and another awesome lunch we headed to the Summer Palace. We were fortunate that the drizzle stopped and we just ended up with a cloudy day. The crowds were very heavy today and it is still hard to get used to how the Chinese culture is so different from ours … Continue reading Day 2: Beijing, Summer Palace

Day 2: Beijing, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

We started the day at 7:45 and were at Tiananmen Square by 8AM.  We had a light drizzle to contend with but we were fortunate that it never got worse, just very gray.  Between the drizzle and the cloud cover pictures seem a little dull. Smog was not bad today, they say the rain helps … Continue reading Day 2: Beijing, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

Beijing: Day 1, The Great Wall

After our visit to the Temple of Heaven we stopped at a local eatery and had an awesome lunch.  Mark is posting about all the food.  Next stop was  the Great Wall;  we were so looking forward to checking off another item from our bucket list to see all of the modern-day Great Wonders. It … Continue reading Beijing: Day 1, The Great Wall

Day 1: Beijing, Temple of Heaven

The morning started off with a hearty breakfast and we had the opportunity to meet many of the people from our tour group.  One crazy thing happened;  I saw someone who looked familiar but then I thought, nah, can’t be.  But sure enough, a co-worker was on the same tour and we didn’t even know … Continue reading Day 1: Beijing, Temple of Heaven